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The Word Is Out About PorchLight

Our customers, transferees and relocation management companies, often share feedback about the benefits of our service. “All in all this was the best rental experience I’ve ever had and I jump around quite a bit!” commented Lyndsey H., PorchLight transferee. Bobby R. at a global relocation management company adds, “For me, PorchLight is a model supplier. No other supplier partner has consistently provided the high level of service PorchLight has!” The good word seems to be spreading about PorchLight Rental & Destination Services. This women-owned rental home-finding service delivers award-winning relocation expertise throughout the U.S. and Canada.

In an environment where rental vacancy rates are 6.8 percent nationally, 3 percent coastally and transferees are renting in record numbers, employers are appreciating the rental expertise needed to support their mobile talent. Moreover, a limited rental inventory and many transferees moving with pets and/or having credit concerns, makes a challenging situation even harder.

This is when PorchLight’s sole focus as a rental home finding and DSP company makes an impression on our clients. In challenging conditions, from entry level employees to VIPs, PorchLight’s expertise creates success for our clients. With rental-finding and international inbound settling-in services being PorchLight’s primary focus, we’ve built a core competency and service execution that’s unmatched in the market. This has grown both our domestic and international inbound business immensely.

PorchLight’s services include Area & Rental Tours, Settling-In Destination Assistance and InsideTrak™ – the company’s exclusive online solution for lump-sum programs. Through our keen understanding of market conditions and renter challenges, PorchLight’s living up to its vision – revolutionizing rental finding & destination services, and creating first-in-class customer experiences that build trust and identifiable value.

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