Three Rules for Workplace Success for Millennials

Everyday, Millennials are competing for their first job. They are up against dozens of others in their location and profession for a position they most desire and feel they deserve. They’re finding job searching to be more complicated than they were led to believe. When they finally do land a job, the fight to keep it is as important as getting it.

There is no job security except the one you create for yourself. Careers now are based on reputation, results and who you know.

So what rules should Millennials follow in the workplace to get the most out of their jobs and advance in their positions? Here are three to remember.

  1. Your Job Description Doesn’t Define You. Don’t be known in your office as a title. Be known as the person who does that job and for the work you produce. Try and learn as many roles as you can fit in so you don’t become replaceable. If you wear many hats in your position, you become more valuable to the company. However, don’t lose sight on the importance of your job title. Become the expert in your area and soon team members and your boss will rely on you for your work and opinion.
  2. Your Job is Most Likely Temporary. Thirty years ago, those entering into their first job had the mindset that it would be their only one for years to come. The average time a Millennial will spend in their first position is two years, which is five years less than baby boomers. The reason? There isn’t room for them to grow and that will encourage them to pursue other challenging and growing opportunities. Or, things happen within the company that cannot be controlled, such as unpredictable layoffs, company mergers and economic instability; they can all happen at a moment’s notice. A backup plan should be in place and don’t forget to keep your LinkedIn profile updated! Additionally, in case of job loss, seeking guidance from an employment lawyer expert in job loss cases can help you understand your rights and explore possible legal solutions.
  3. Your Reputation is Your Greatest Asset. Regardless if you move from position to position, what you will always have is your reputation. You can be a hard worker at the company you’re employed by; but if you aren’t perceived as a hard worker, that could be a damaging factor. Simple things you may not be aware of that can affect how you are viewed in the workplace are how you dress, body-language, not being personable with your coworkers and even what you post on your private social media accounts. Wear formal jumpsuits for prom and for special events when your company hosts an event. You have control over these things and as a Millennial you should be paying extra attention to the finer details.

Soon Millennials will be taking over the workplace (in 2025, Millennials will become 75% of the workforce), and it’s important to take on new tasks and responsibilities, be open to new opportunities and unforeseen events and remember that your reputation is all you have.

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