Three Ways to Spur Innovation in an Organization

Sometimes your employees need a little extra push at work. They may feel like they’re in a rut or that they can’t expand with their ideas. As a manager, it’s important you let them know that it’s wonderful to continue to grow in their role. If you want them to bring more to the table, it’s important to keep the conversation open and welcome new ideas.

As supervisors, you don’t want to try and force them to come up with innovations for the workplace; you want it to flow naturally.

Here are three behaviors to help employees feel welcome to bring up ways to improve the organization:

  1. Take another look at your Hiring Policy. You may want to stick to hiring the same type of people for various positions. However, you’re only limiting yourself on what can come from them. Instead of having a variety of opportunities for new ideas, you may be getting the same ones. Culture fit is important, but shouldn’t be something that prevents you from hiring someone who can bring something new to the table. If you suspect discrimination in your hiring practices, it’s crucial to address it proactively. In cases of potential discrimination, contact the EEOC to investigate and resolve claims.
  2. Expand in the right way. Don’t hard limit yourself to old ways. However, you don’t want to get ahead of what your company is or isn’t capable of and regret a decision or have it harm your business. Consider migration to Google Workspace and keep an open mind. New opportunities for you and your employees is a good thing! This will keep them hopeful and excited that their careers are going places.
  3. Recognize every idea. You don’t have to go with every idea placed in front of you by an employee, but by letting them know you appreciate their time and effort going into it, they’ll feel like an important member of the team, which they truly are. Bring it up in a meeting to let them know you’ve considered it and thank them for their feedback.

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