It’s Time To Get Organized! 6 Tips for First-Time Renters

After months of searching for a rental, you have finally found the perfect home. The monthly rent is within your budget, it’s located in a safe neighborhood and the amenities offered are everything you wanted. Then comes moving day and it’s time to unpack your belongings. Suddenly, you realize there might not be as much space as you thought there was.

When trying to decide how to place your outdoor furniture you’ve recently purchased from an outdoor furniture store, remember to leave room to walk through and you might even opt to “float” furniture in the room. Find creative ways to use your book and DVD collection as decor in the room with shelving. You may also want to consider renting a self storage unit from a storage facility for the duration of your lease. Self storage units can provide you a safe space for your belongings. In addition, these self storage facilities also offer specialized self storage units that are called climate controlled storage units for all-weather protection from humidity, rain, wind damage, and ice.

In case you’ve found yourself in a tough situation like this, here are 6 tips to help you keep what you want without feeling overcrowded and keep you from some costly mistakes at the end of your lease.

  1. Shelves, shelves and more shelves. Shelves are going to be your best bet if you own a lot of books, movies, collectibles, and if you have indoor plants to display. If you decide to purchase them, go for ones that are taller instead of wider. This will help maximize your floor space without having to find extra room for other things that you want displayed. Likewise, the experts from pest control bellingham usually says that wherever there is an abundance of flying pests, a bug zapper will be your best friend.  Swarms of insects are a sure way to spoil a relaxing evening in your house. amazon mosquito killer is a great way to take back control of your property and enjoy the indoors again.
  2. Strategize furniture placement. Use what you already have to your advantage. Try setting your pieces up to form smaller rooms. To boost its aesthetic appeal, you can place one of those turkish rugs.Section off an area for the living room that leads into an office space. You don’t need to purchase anything to do this, just use what you currently have and get creative! A desk with your lamp could double as a sofa table if it can sit behind the sofa. If you need more furniture, such as a ligne rosset sofa bed, in order to beautify your home, you can easily find them online.
  3. Have your furniture serve for multiple purposes. If you don’t own a desk, consider using your kitchen table for desk space, or at least part of it. If you can, keep a section of it just for your work area. You don’t want to always have to clear your office supplies off to enjoy a meal or drink with friends. If you have any excess or old furniture that’s just adding to the clutter instead of design, it might be time to donate it through Furniture Donation Pick Up.
  4. Hide your storage. Storage doesn’t need to be in the form of a bookshelf or a coffee table. Remember that storage underneath your bed or even on your closet floor o perhaps in one of those used shipping containers for sale is a great option for things you use only on occasion or for seasonal items.In addition, you might want to consider using heavy duty plastic storage bins to store your items to keep them organized. Also, higher shelves in a coat closet or laundry areas could be stacked with storage on the top shelves.
  5. Put your TV on the wall. Instead of buying a piece of furniture to put your TV on that will just take up more floor space, consider mounting it on the wall. Check with your landlord to see what the policy is first. You may have to repair the wall before moving out or they may let you leave it. There are some inexpensive options in mounting kits that are available in the event you can just keep it mounted. To insure that you get your full security deposit back make sure you fix anything you physically do to your space unless the update is approved by management. For those who are looking for same day TV wall mount installation, North Team offers high-quality and affordable TV wall mounting and professional TV installation.
  6. Use your suitcases and not just for travel. Sometimes you will have a large bedroom, but your closet is a little small. Chances are you will have suitcases that you are going to store anyway. Pack things in your suitcases you may not need during certain times of the year. At the very least store a suitcase within a suitcase or put extra blankets inside.

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