Tips on How to Effectively Clean Your Tech Devices

Winter is technically officially over and slowly but surely signs of spring are popping up all around. Unfortunately, with the change of weather colds and flu viruses seem to spread faster than ever. Especially at the office, you may not notice you’re spreading germs around when you rub your nose and then touch the refrigerator door, or you cough into your hand but forget to wash them before sharing a pen with a coworker. Those germs are transmitted onto your keyboard or your phone and the process of spreading can be endless. That’s why it’s a no-brainer to do some spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning should not be limited to your home or office space and you should focus more often on electronic devices which definitely need your attention. Did you know that gadgets (including cell phones, tablets and game controllers) can be dirtier than a toilet seat? Also, New York City pigeons can be cleaner than a game controller in your home. Remember, bacteria may come from the air. Make sure your home’s air quality is great with regular duct cleaning like Minneapolis air duct cleaning or air duct cleaning in Bondville, IL. As cleaning is also part of home improvement services, you can also contact experts from Zerorez as they can help you out in getting home improvement services done. If your HVAC isn’t running as efficient as before, you might want to consider hiring heating and air conditioning repair services to tune up your furnace in Lakeway, TX or maybe it’s time for a new ac installation or furnace repair in Tucson, AZ. Calling professional boiler services or furnace repair services such as Arnold Jones Services: Furnace maintenance can help you maintain your units.

Wiping off your phone screen on your jeans is not an effective way to get rid of those germs. Carley Knobloch from HGTV provides some tips on how to safely and effectively clean your devices to keep you healthy to enjoy the springtime weather.

If you have the means, consider purchasing a UV light to disinfect your devices. That’s the way hospitals do it, and your eyes may be opened to spots you weren’t thinking of cleaning. These lights can run around $99 and are specific for objects like phones or remote controls. You can buy ones that scan surfaces as well. You can also read this prevention guide for molds from Water Mold Fire Restoration.

The next best way to clean up your computers, phones or tablets is creating your own cleaning kit. In it should be a spray bottle with a 60/40 mixture of rubbing alcohol and water, a soft towel and cotton swabs for the hard to reach places like air ducts. According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, homeowners should have their air ducts cleaned every three to five years, but the timing really depends on the region in which you live, how often you use your HVAC system and whether you have family members that have respiratory problems.

Remember when cleaning to never start sanitizing until your device is turned off or unplugged and don’t spray it directly on the surface. Never use household or glass cleaners as the chemicals in them are too harsh. According to AGB Appliance Repair expert technicians, don’t use paper towels no matter how soft they seem to be. You will end up scratching and ruining the glass surface you’re cleaning.

Germs can be passed around easily. Keep yourself and those around you healthy by following these simple and quick solutions to cleaning your tech devices. Aside from physical germs, you should also be worried about digital viruses which may infect your device.

Happy spring!

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