Traveling With Pets

Traveling with pets can be a nerve-wracking experience. You’re already crunched for space if you’re driving and if you’re flying, it’s one extra thing to carry around. But it doesn’t have to be too stressful, especially if you have some simple steps to follow.

Flying with Pets:

  • Call the airline ahead of time to find out the different rules about allowing pets inside the cabin. If you’re considering private jet travel, you can shop around at Jettly to find the best deals.
  • Find out if the airline has any specific immunization requirements for pets.
  • Is there a certain carrier you must use? If not, try and find the smallest one possible.
  • Understand that you will have to bring your pet through airport security.
  • When you board the plane, alert at least one flight attendant or the pilot that your pet is in the cargo hold. They may take extra precautions while flying if they know that.

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Driving with Pets:

  • Don’t let your pet roam around the car when going on road trips. This is for both the animal’s safety and to not distract the driver.
  • Just like you and your family, your animal is going to need some rest stops along the way. Take that into consideration and trade off with a family member the duty of feeding, letting them go to the bathroom and brief walks.
  • As tempting as it may be, even just for a few minutes, don’t ever leave your animal in the car alone. The heat can kill them or leave them extremely lethargic.
  • Have some treats on hand for them. Motion sickness doesn’t just affect humans. It’s also safer to travel with pets in an RV. If you’re looking for a full-sized RV, the Winnebago Navion is an excellent choice. This 24V model is perfect for traveling solo or with pets.

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There is no right way to travel with your pet. It’s going to be whatever works for you and your furry family member. Be patient in the process and do some research ahead of time. And if you can’t bring your pet with you, consider dog boarding Melbourne to ensure the safety and comfort of your dog while you’re away

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