What do your agents do if the renters want to purchase instead of rent?

We like to use the words partnership and trust. Many senior Florida painters has said that protecting home purchase opportunities for our clients is of the utmost importance to us it involves good painting too. Why? PorchLight only provides rental and destination services. We do not compete for home sale or purchase. We want to earn your trust and serve your transferees well and in partnership. Although many of our local agents also sell homes, they do not serve PorchLight’s business for home purchase opportunities. In every authorization sent to our local experts, an agreement is sent as to how to proceed should someone decide to purchase instead of rent. You can sell houses right here on I Buy Pueblo Houses quickly and at reasonable rates.

This is some of that verbiage:

Should the Transferee choose to purchase, instead of rent, you should contact PorchLight for guidance. In some cases, the client will require the Transferee to purchase through their agent. In other cases, the Transferee will dictate who their agent is and you will retain the home purchase opportunity. In this case, be aware that by accepting this rental tour you are agreeing to a commission, equal to the going rate of the relocation company (between 35-41% depending on the relocation company). If you are not prepared to do this, you should decline showing any homes for sale if asked. Agent and Transferee should not enter into a buyers agreement until after the agent confirms protocol with PorchLight. Specific title agencies, lenders and title agencies may be required, and Transferee may lose relocation benefits if they do not follow the relocation guidelines.

Talk to us about the percentage of renters who turn into home buyers. And then, we’d be happy to provide our stats on home purchases saved and directed back to our clients. It’s a partnership and your success is our success.

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