What’s included in your rental finding services?

A major part of our service is the rental tour, as this is what paves the way for success. But, there’s a lot that happens before and after the rental tour that can make all the difference for a transferee…


  • Discussion of the area, setting expectations of rentals and rents
  • Top school districts
  • Guidance for credit blemishes
  • Documents to bring, especially when moving with pets
  • Rental listings sent in advance
  • Navigating the Rental Market E-book or Arrival Guide for Expats into the U.S. or Canada


  • Continued support – If you are paying for this service, you want to make sure it results in an address. At PorchLight, we continue to provide rental listings until a rental is secured.
  • Lease review
  • Avoiding scams and foreclosures
  • Change of address E-card to send to family and friends
  • Continual updates and new address provided to client

Comprehensive…Consistent…Measurement of Success.

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For more information on what is included in a Candidate / Area Tour click here.

To learn how we deliver settling-in services, click here.

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