When solving a problem, dig at the roots instead of hacking at the leaves.

April reminds us of spring; time to think renewal. Fresh ideas.

This germ of an idea about digging at the root of a problem comes from Anthony J. D’Angelo alias Tony D’Angelo, founder of Collegiate EmPowerment. He has dedicated himself to helping young adults create a life worth living; a game worth playing. Back in 1995 at the young age of 23, D’Angelo set out on his vision to transform American Higher Education. As he says, “Most students go to school and get a degree, but not an education.” D’Angelo is an educational entrepreneur hell-bent on making his vision a reality, describing the past two decades of his career as merely a launch pad to his bigger future.

Success is a journey, not a destination.

Tennis legend and beloved activist Arthur Ashe generously gave us this popular thought. He emphasized the fact that success is never final and what’s even more important is continuing after success. Ashe explains success as the time when it gets easy to sit back and look at all you have accomplished and forget how much more there is left to do.

At PorchLight, these words of wisdom represent the foundation of our rental and destination promise.

Sure, we are the pioneers of this service.
Absolutely, we strive for success in every aspect of the process which has led us to deliver the most unique and time-tested model in the industry. Our clients can predict outcomes and count on successful results, time and time again. But one of our tour agents connected all these thoughts when he said: “PorchLight is the only company I work with that follows through to make sure that the service is a success.” This unyielding dedication has made us the most trusted name in rental and destination services throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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What we do ~ Considering all of life’s dynamics, we help individuals and
families who are considering or undergoing a relocation find their home
with peace of mind, solutions and expertise.

We exist to enhance the relocation process for the lives that we touch and create
purpose, pride and financial well-being for team members and tour partners.

We behave with passion for what we do, with genuine empathy
for others and with expert capabilities to deliver on our service
promises to our customers, partners and employees.

We provide destination and rental finding services to people and
families moving within the United States and Canada.

We will succeed by embodying our company values, providing best-in-class
service and responding to the needs of our customers while delivering on
our performance commitments to our customers, partners and employees.

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