Communication with relocation companies

With all of the multiple moving parts, how does your rental assistance company manage this often complex undertaking?

With the numerous communications between relocation management companies, transferees, rental agents, destination consultants and landlords, how does your rental assistance provider coordinate all of these time sensitive, crucial informational exchanges?

Many companies utilize technology to communicate at various levels. Technology is definitely an integral part of this process. Tracking of the various relocation components to include, managing appointments, agendas, needs assessments, etc. can often be conducted via technology. Mobile applications and myriad of websites empower transferees to become more involved and offer feedback to the rental assistance provider therefore, expediting the process at many levels.

An Extremely Stressful Undertaking
With that said, those who are cohesively integrated with the relocation process, understand this is an extremely stressful undertaking for the relocating professional and their families. In the past several years, most people have become acclimated with basic technology and they are generally comfortable using it.

The question is, does it meet all of their needs during this personally taxing time?

PorchLight Rental & Destination Services has learned, with over a decade of experience in rental finding and settling-in services, that transferees want to personally connect with industry professionals concerning the new locations to which they are moving and critical decisions concerning housing, neighborhoods, schools, pets, etc.

New Call-to-action

PorchLight’s answer to this challenge is its highly trained, responsive and passionate team of Rental Success Managers. From the start of the process to the conclusion, this team connects with the transferees, the clients, the local market experts and the landlords to coordinate all activities and ensure a cohesive and successful rental finding experience. PorchLight recognizes the importance of technology and employs state of the art, proprietary systems. Nonetheless, they also understand the desire of the transferees to have direct accessibility to knowledgeable, empathetic professionals who can guide them through the experience and assist them with this this often-overwhelming undertaking.

Rental Success Managers

The Rental Success Managers reach out to transferees at the onset of the home finding program and introduce themselves as the primary contact. They then guide them through the needs assessment discovery questionnaire and arrange a conference call with the local market expert to introduce them and talk through the individual’s needs. They then set an appropriate level of expectation for the budget, location and specific preferences of the relocating professionals and their families, in order to avoid disappointment in the event their expectancies are not viable for the market to which they are relocating. Contact flyttebyrå Oslo professional movers to speed this stressful process.

PorchLight’s Rental Success Managers are just that. They stay involved from the beginning to the end of the search, coordinating all communications with the transferees and other integral parties, and managing it at every level until a successful experience is realized!

PorchLight Rental & Destination Services, a women owned business, works with organizations of all sizes to provide rental finding and settling-in services to relocating employees and their families throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our unique service model offers choice and customization to meet the individual needs of each customer. PorchLight’s experienced, on-the-ground local destination experts and in-house transferee support resources guarantee exceptional service, quality support, and predictable performance outcomes.

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