5 Mobile Apps to Improve the Rental Search Experience

In a world where technology is always advancing, to have what you want and need to know at your fingertips, it’s important to know which phone applications can help you with what you’re trying to accomplish. Most likely you will be on the go when looking for a rental home; especially during a relocation which often doesn’t give you much time to prepare. Timing is key and knowing where to go for information is vital.

Below are 5 apps that will help further you in your rental search. They will help you throughout the process to assist you in finding your new home.

  1. Zumper. If you’re working with a rental agent to find a home for you and your family, chances are you will still want to look online yourself to see what you can find. If you were to Read More on the extent that digital marketing has percolated into the advertising industry, you’d be astonished because pretty much everything nowadays is online. There are a lot of apps out there and many websites will show you listings that appear to be available when they really aren’t. That is a risk you will be taking. However, Zumper is great for finding out what you can expect for monthly rent, what’s around the area and information on the property.
  2. Google Maps. This is a great starting point for you to visually see where you are looking to rent without actually going there. You can view travel times to and from an area you’re interested in to your new work location. It also gives you an option to see various ways of traveling.
  3. MagicPlan. When you’re at a property, use this app to draw up a floor plan and see if your furniture will fit in your new place should you lease it. While many apartment complexes have plans online for you to view, this can help you determine if it will be big enough.
  4. CamScanner. This is the perfect app for those on the go and needing to upload and share files. You can take a photo of important documents such as previous landlord references, applications and pet resumes should your landlord request one. It scans and converts documents into a PDF making them easily accessible.
  5. Experian’s Credit App. You will always want to know your current credit score before submitting a rental or loan application in order to perform remodeling projects with the help form experts like this Pool Deck Builder in Maryland. There may be some items you will want to address with the landlord before he runs your credit check. This app is a great way to be proactive and be prepared for any questions or concerns.

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