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6 Reasons Why Everyone is Moving to Austin, Texas

Do you know that there are liberal places to live in Texas? Are you aware that there are 150 people moving to Austin every day? With Austin being in the heart of Texas, this city is surrounded with interesting things to do. There are plenty of activities to choose from ranging from the arts, restaurants, parks and recreation. Since 2013, Austin’s population has grown 9.2% and it has become one of the nation’s largest cities. So what is making this city so popular? To move faster and without too much hassle, Green Van Lines in Dallas is a great moving company that can help you out during your moving day.

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Below are six reasons.

  1. A Booming Economy with No Signs of Slowing Down. Austin was ranked #1 as the top American Boomtown in 2013 by Bloomberg. It was also #1 for best cities for jobs and job seekers according to Forbes and NerdWallet. It was #2 on the list of best cities for future job growth according to Forbes. Also worth noting, from 2008-2012 GDP Growth increased 22%. Unemployment has greatly decreased since the recession. The National average unemployment rate is 5.8% where overall in Texas it is 4.9%. Austin was even better, with 3.8%.
  2. One of the Nation’s Top Tech-Startup Scenes. Plenty of great companies started in this bustling city, including RetailMeNot, HomeAway, Indeed, Main Street Hub and WP Engine. It was #1 in the top startup cities by cost and taxes and #1 in top cities for young entrepreneurs according to Entrepreneur and Under30CEO. They were also voted #7 in the top cities for Women Entrepreneurs.
  3. An Incredibly High Quality of Life. Do you like to be outdoors? In Austin, you’re in luck. There is plenty of outdoor space for you to venture around and the city was even named one of America’s best bike friendly cities, according to Bicycling Magazine. If you don’t have a bike at home, click here to find different types of electric bikes. If you’re looking for a place to jog, or take a leisurely walk, check out Town Lake. If swimming is your thing, you can take a dive into Barton Springs Pool. If you’re the outdoorsy type that likes to rough it, Techie Camper has all the outdoor camping guides you need. Austin was rated #1 for greenest city in Texas ( and #6 in Most Energy Efficient cities in the US (American Council for and Energy Efficient Economy). Even at home you can have a lovely patio with plenty of room for family gatherings with very pleasant weather. A patio column removal company can help you make the necessary adjustments for whatever layout you might be considering promptly. With plenty of room for a pool or a grill, you’ll want to enjoy it as often as possible.
  4. A Great Place for People Young and Old. Austin is rated #2 in the best cities to raise a family, #2 in best cities and neighborhoods for Millennials and one of the top Retirement cities according to Forbes. Speaking of neighborhoods, the city received #3 on the list of the lowest violent crime rates in America. As for education Austin ranked #17 on the Forbes list.
  5. So Many Fun Things to Do. Restaurants, nightlife and festivals galore! You will never be bored when in Austin as there is always something to do! It was rated #6 in top nightlife scenes in America. The festivals that Austin hosts are aplenty and include SXSW, Austin City Limits, X Games and Old Pecan Street Festival. It is also known as food truck heaven. With an annual food truck festival, your options are endless.
  6. A Low Cost of Living Relative to Income. According to Forbes, the median home price in 2017 was $294,900 in Austin. It was ranked among the best cities for millennial homebuyers by CNN. If you’re renting, the costs are relatively low, too. A one bedroom apartment in the heart of Texas rents about $1,229 a month. The average income is $62,473 and it’s one of the best cities for high pay and low expenses. An average monthly gym membership costs around $43.62, a domestic beer costs $4.00 and you can get a meal at a restaurant for around $15.00.

 Even if you don’t plan on living there, Austin is a great place to explore and find some great food and entertainment for you and your family!

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