7 Magic Questions to Build Success in the Work Place

When trying to build and motivate your team at work, it’s important to ask the right questions. Avoiding asking ones that are biased, too long and with the word “I” in them will help conversations progress naturally and ideas spark. Your employee will feel they can solve the problem at hand and that you trust them to do so.

So what are some questions to focus on when building up leadership and a high performing team? Here are seven of them:

  1. What’s the issue? It’s simple but sometimes has to be asked more than once. The goal of this question is to guide the person you’re working with to provide a summary of the challenge so that a solution can become the focus. Additionally, consider documenting signs of wage discrimination to ensure fair and equitable treatment within the workplace.
  2. How important is this on a scale of 1-10? This question will help them look at the issue in a different way. It will also help them in the future to narrow down the importance of addressing an issue and what level of significance it plays at work.
  3. Imagine this problem is solved. What would you see, hear and feel? This question is for your team member to get creative and to imagine the outcome of a problem they plan on solving. It will teach them to think about the bigger picture which is important in business.
  4. What’s standing in the way of that ideal outcome? There will always be road blocks to get past and it’s important to think ahead and be ready for them to effectively solve any that come up.
  5. What are the options for action here? What are they going to do to resolve the issue? This question will force them to imagine, which is important for them in order to create a vision that will lead them past the obstacles.
  6. So what’s the first step? Bring your team member back to the present and ask them what they’re going to do to make their end result of visualizing come to reality.
  7. When will you take it? Make your team member commit. They have worked with you to create a plan of action and they have confidence they can play it out. However, they need to declare when the first step will be taken. This makes everything real and all of their visualizing and thinking worth it.

As easy and tempting as it may be, try not to bring any of your words of wisdom or experience to the table at first. Let your team member figure it out and show you why you hired them in the first place. Working with top peo providers can also help reduce employer liability.

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