Another PorchLight Milestone

A PorchLight Leader Since Day One

We’ve been spotlighting special people like our very own Janet Zamecnik because they show us the right way to do things both personally and professionally. After 21 years, Kim Wallace is the leader we are following today. If you do the math, you realize she’s been with PorchLight since DAY ONE. Only a handful of people were there. Wallace is retiring her rental hat for a much-deserved, hopefully relaxing second act but we must celebrate how we got here first.


Follow the Leader – Kim Wallace

Let’s talk coincidence.
Most of you know PorchLight CEO Diane Ayres but did you know she has so much more than a work history with Wallace?
Their families grew up together in Akron, Ohio – North Hill. Went to the same schools. Same church. When PorchLight was started in 2003, Kim was one of the first four employees selected to start this now decades-long adventure.“Kim has flawlessly arranged over 15,000 PorchLight services for our customers over the years. Sometimes from a hospital bed,” emphasizes Ayres. “I have never met a more organized, efficient human being.”

PorchLight COO Zamecnik also chimed in with words of praise. “On a personal note, I was so impressed with Kim’s commitment to her family, watching her take care of her husband’s grandma and her mother-in-law for years. Professionally, she’s a top performer, and accountable, and Diane and I have been blessed to know and work with her.”
15,000+ rental services performed flawlessly. 21 years of exceptional service. 100 percent accountability. It all adds up to a career to be proud of and a person who will undoubtedly be missed. Thank you, Kim, for giving PorchLight your all!



Have you ever been part of a ground-floor business opportunity? Kim Wallace is one of those people who can say she has! When PorchLight set out to solve the national rental finding problem for the millions of corporate transferees who relocate and rent each year, we did it by assembling a team we knew would deliver top-notch results for our customers. Kim Wallace was part of that foundational team. For 21 years, Kim has organized rental-finding services across North America with an excellence that is the PorchLight brand. She has personally assisted over 15,000 people and families to find their new rental during their relocation. After 21 years and 15,000 moves, Kim has decided to retire. This Friday, June 28th, will be her final day with PorchLight. We’re sharing this news with all of you because we know you’ll want to wish Kim well and because we want to recognize her tremendous service and commitment to the success of your transferees and our mutual customers.

Thank you for trusting Kim and PorchLight to support your moves and rental-finding needs. It’s an honor to serve you every day and it has been an honor to work with Kim in that effort. Please join me and the PorchLight team in wishing her continued health and happiness.


“A person always doing his or her best becomes a natural leader, just by example.”
– Joe DiMaggio

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