Common Renter Concerns And Helpful Solutions

When on the search for a rental, the last thing on your mind is all the little things you may not be thinking of. During the rental and relocation assistance process, we’ve solved many issues that may come up.

PorchLight Rental brings light to the 5 most common challenges renters are running into.

    1. Moving with Pets.You love your pit bull and he is the most well behaved one you’ve ever encountered. You’ve spent hours training him and love him as part of your family. But your landlord doesn’t see that. They see a dog breed that’s on the list for the most aggressive breeds. There are steps to take in order to try and overcome this obstacle. Putting together a pet resume with information about your pet as well as references can put you ahead of the game. A picture of your pet may also help.
    2. Credit Concerns.Are you looking to rent with bad credit? Have you filed for bankruptcy in the past? Often, as a sign of good faith, you could offer to pay double or triple the deposit requested for. There may be circumstances that were out of your control that resulted in poor credit. Take those instances and put it down in a letter of explanation. Bring a letter from a previous tenant as well as your offer letter from your job, or one that proves employment. Also, consider having a cosigner whose credit is great. You can also visit an expert bankruptcy law attorney for a free consultation regarding your concern.

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  1. Short Lease Terms.Requested lease terms shorter than 12 months are often harder to come by and your options are limited. If you need a 3 or 6 month lease, using resources like or to find those rentals may be a great solution. Also, consider negotiating and looking into lease break clauses. Know the ramifications should you need to break your lease sooner than expected.
  2. Budget Expectations.First and foremost, establish a minimum and maximum budget for yourself. However, know that budgets will vary and can sometimes be a shock. By doing some research beforehand, or asking around, you will be able to have a better idea of what to expect. Also be aware that privately owned properties may be willing to negotiate your monthly rent.
  3. Extra Expenses.Did you know that amenities, yard maintenance and utilities may be an extra cost on top of the monthly rent? Factor that into your budget if this is something you need to know going into making your decision on the lease. Also, know what you want to pay for and what you don’t, but be prepared to have to give in on certain aspects for that perfect rental. For example, if the property has trees that need maintenance, you can visit their website and see what services they offer.

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