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Meet Zip! A Special Dog Preparing for Moving Day!

Zip is an important part of the family… Just like your pet is! This family can’t fathom a move without their loveable dog, Zip and I bet you can’t imagine your family without your pet. If you are concerned about the health of your pet, you can look into BetterVet Detroit services and take advantage of the mobile vet experience. Moving with pets is another layer in the relocation process that can create even more challenges. Rental options can be limited and some breeds are restricted or you could even have multiple pets. But there is good news! We have tools that can help! Learn about the Types of Moving Services For Your Relocation Needs and speed the process next to professionals.

PorchLight’s new video, Zip Prepares for His Move! Understanding Why Preparation is Key when Moving with Pets describes what challenges families face—from the fear of having to leave a pet behind to helpful ideas to get the whole family involved to prepare for the move!

Some of the key points in the video are:

  • Having a trusted professional that knows the area and landlord or property management requirements can be a big help. They also bring another level of skill to the table from asking a landlord to consider a pet to rent negotiation. Soulmutts can also help if you’re looking for a doggy daycare, they have a private playground facility for your dogs.

A pet resume is another essential tool to make sure you have all the specifics of your pet that any landlord can easily review and get a complete snapshot of your pet, including photos, vet records and references from your previous landlord and neighbors. If your pet has special certifications, it’s also good to include that information as well. This important tool can give you the edge—and once they see exactly how awesome your pet is—just like Zip—you’ll have a new home in no time!

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At PorchLight, we’ve experienced great success in overcoming some unique challenges that involve pets!

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