Our Most Common Transferee Questions

I’m coming soon on my home-finding trip. How much can I get done if I only have one day of approved touring?

Sometimes a few hours are all that is approved for you by your company’s relocation policy. The sound of that makes you nervous, but you shouldn’t be. When working with a rental finding service, agents who are assigned to help you in your search will be spending hours prior to meeting you, putting together a vetted list of properties. Your needs and wants in a home will be recorded and passed along to local experts. Therefore, when you meet to view potential homes, you’re seeing ones best suited for you and your requirements. Often, the home that a transferee chooses is found within the first few hours of a rental tour. If you happen to have time left over, you can even use it to get acclimated with the area.

I have a couple of dogs and a cat. Can I still rent?

Unfortunately, there is no way to answer this, generally. Every situation is different and each landlord’s preferences will be unique to the property and owner. It shouldn’t be a surprise, if you own a dog that’s listed on the aggressive breed’s list, that renting will be harder. All you can do is be prepared. We recommend putting together a pet resume, which is what it sounds like. By organizing a one page document showcasing your pet, your chances of securing a rental are higher. Include important information about your pet such as breed, age, temperament, veterinarian records and references from family, friends or past landlords that can vouch for your animal. Photos are also extremely important to include in the resume. Be aware that often on top of a regular security deposit, there may be a pet deposit as well as a monthly pet rent.

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What if I don’t find a rental during my time with the agent?

In areas where rentals are scarce, securing one by the end of your tour may not happen. This can be disheartening if you need to go back home without having a plan of action. Your agent will do everything they possibly can for this to not happen. But of course, no one can control the rental market and availability. By working with PorchLight, we do not discontinue service until a lease is signed. This means we will support you electronically with rental listings until a rental is found that fits your needs. This is at no charge to you. We are passionate in helping you find your new home.

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