So Exactly What is Rental Assistance?

Rental Assistance is a service arranged to help the transferee find a new rental, whether it’s three bedroom apartments, single-family homes or condos. The process is meant to assist a transferee by assessing their needs for their unique and individual circumstances. It’s also the perfect opportunity to educate the transferee on the rental market for their new area, on things like, market availability, what to expect for rental rates and to set realistic expectations. In addition, renters may face other challenges if they have pets, credit concerns or other needs relating to schools. Access to the right local market experts that are well-trained and knowledgeable, and will provide exceptional service by researching, reviewing and seeking the best properties that meet the needs of the transferee and their family is the key to success. Having a rental finding company manage this entire process, acting as the liaison between the transferee and local expert, is where the magic happens. The combination of their resources and expertise helps the transferee settle into their new environment with care and ease.

While some think that with today’s technology, a simple internet search will yield the perfect rental, in most situations this is not true. Since there are so many renters and inventory is at an all-time low of seven percent on average nationally and hovers around three or four percent in coastal cities, they need more guidance than ever to find a home. With rental finding assistance, transferees get peace-of-mind knowing they have qualified professionals working for them to find the right rental for their family.

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The service itself can come in a variety of ways, depending on what each company deems most important to serving their new hires and transferees. Some examples include:

Half or Full Day tours with a local expert who has vetted potential properties that fit the transferees’ needs.

Area tours to show potential new candidates and those being offered new assignments around, provide an overview of neighborhoods and what the city has to offer, to help them with their decision process.

• Destination services for those coming in-bound from overseas and need help settling-in to the United States with regards to banking, getting a social security number, obtaining a driver license and ultimately finding a home.

Lump Sum policy support which allows the transferee to manage their move, while still having access to valuable resources to make their transition easier.

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