Four Questions Transferees Ask and How to Answer Them

During relocation, your transferee will have many questions and concerns about the big move. There is so much for them to retain that they often feel overwhelmed before they start work. With so many contacts to keep track of and dates to remember, the process for your transferee can quickly feel daunting and become a hassle. Having answers at the ready to the most common questions may save you and your transferee time and money.

How can I maximize my already limited time to find a home?

Your transferee is offered a new job and has to relocate by the end of the month. In that time frame, they need to vacate their current home and find a new one. Let them know there are options for renters and buyers to make the relocation go smoother. You can recommend New Haven trusted cash buyers to them for a fast transaction at a fair price. They can work with a home finding company and there may be relocation benefits they can take advantage of to make things easier. Finding a new home in a short amount of time is possible.

How am I supposed to understand my new city in time?

Especially if your transferee has lived in the same city or state their whole life, relocating somewhere different can feel overwhelming. When working with a rental finding company or destination service providers to find a new home, they will be providedresources to help them learn about their new city. Help them set up an area acclimation tour so they can view their new city of residence with a local expert who can answer questions only someone with experience in the area can.

How will I fit into my new role?

While they may be doing some of the same work as they were at their original job, your transferee may feel more comfortable having this outlined for them in advance. Start by reaching out to the hiring manager who can give them the information they need. Concerns or hesitations can be discussed this way. There may also be some resources and information available to give them ahead of time so they have a chance to review it before their first day of work. Even if it’s not new information, a refresher may be all they want and need. Keep the hiring manager up to date throughout the process.

What about my kids?

For higher level executives, and sometimes first time relocating transferees, they are moving with a family. There will not only be concerns about places of residence or settling into their new job, but they will be worried and need to be well aware of the schools and daycares accessible to them. Working with a home finding company or even setting them up for an area acclimation tour will give them resources they need to know what is around them to make their kids feel more comfortable.

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