Hiring and Maintaining Millennials

Millennials are often given a bad rap. Some may think of them as lazy and as people who don’t want to hear rejection, only be rewarded for success. Yet, they are the future of business and thankfully, these stereotypes aren’t true according to a study by PwC. The study found that Millennials are hard workers who value the outcome of their projects. Their work ethic is equal at times, to those more senior in status than themselves.

Are you thinking about hiring a Millennial? When you do, how do you keep them continuing to do the stellar work of which they’ve proven themselves capable? Here are the top three things Millennials are looking for in their careers.

  1. Social Media. Their world is online and Millennials are dominating that space. They value being personable and approachable and seek those characteristics out through social media. How do you offer this? Keep updating your content regularly. What’s going on at the office? Did someone just get a promotion or celebrate a birthday? Share this, so they see you care about the associates as much as you do the actual business. Also, you will want to talk about the culture of your company. Maybe you have an annual office dodge ball tournament. Showcase this through social media to illustrate to them that you are a real person who knows when and how to have fun!
  2. Flexibility. What Millennials love most is flexibility. They like knowing they have options that are appropriate for the company, while at work. Do you allow associates to work remotely? Are they permitted to use their mobile phones periodically while sitting at their desks? Millennials are eager to feel connected 24/7 and giving them some freedom to do these things from time to time, will convey that you understand and care about them. Also, be open minded concerning new ideas your Millennials bring to the table. They may see things in a fresh, new way which could help your company grow.
  3. Satisfy Their Ambition. Contrary to popular belief, Millennials are eager to continue learning and growing, even after they have graduated and landed their first job. This doesn’t have to mean salary wise. Be open to having them attend training sessions and seminars, where they can use their education and knowledge of your business to network and grow personally and professionally. Establish a mentoring program to help them stay on track. This will enable them to see where they are succeeding in their careers, as well as where they can improve. Also, work with them to define and develop a career path. Do you envision them growing in the company and if so, how? Where do they fit in the current and future status of your business? This clarity is crucial for them to remain focused and continue to be productive while having goals in mind.

Millennials are eager to work and ready to please. By hiring them, you may be opening doors to many new and exciting possibilities. Don’t be hesitant to do this and you just might be pleasantly surprised.

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