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Is Our Price Really Higher?

There are many things to consider when you compare PorchLight’s cost to what you currently pay. Or perhaps you are trying to determine about adding rental finding service and looking for a way to substantiate the expense. Sometimes when we look at the potential savings by a more efficient service, we say how can you afford not to consider this service?

A few key areas that can impact the bottom line are:

  • Temporary Housing – It is proven that PorchLight can alleviate days spent in temp housing by providing our service to a transferee. Our thorough needs assessment and tour experts help us position the transferee for success and minimize the spend on temp housing.
  • Productivity – A transferee that is settled into their new home will certainly be more productive in their position. When a transferee isn’t settled at home, it is hard for them to put 100 percent into their new role. Plus, being fully supported from their employer from the beginning give a greater sense of security and overall satisfaction with their new role.
  • Peace of Mind – Everyone involved will experience the benefits of an efficient service delivered by seasoned professionals that will help transferees avoid scams, assist with school information, offer continued support until a lease is secured and help with pets and credit concerns. We pair a local expert that will help the transferee acclimate to their new area.

It’s hard to attach a dollar sign in some areas, but we think if you review policy exceptions and the additional time a transferee spends on their search that could be streamlined with our service that you’ll quickly see how the service can be a real benefit.

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