Mobile Devices and Security—Are You At Risk?

At one point in time losing your wallet or a purse brought a whole lot of anxiety and stress. In today’s world the loss of your cell phone adds another whole dimension for concern. Credit and bank cards, insurance cards, banking information and a host of other personal identification information are important in our day-to-day routines. The head ache of reporting cards lost or stolen, replacing a driver’s license and other personal items can be time consuming and stressful.

When your valuable items are lost or stolen you are quickly aware of the situation, when a tangible item or items are gone or turn up missing. But have you stopped to consider the threat when you use a mobile device outside of your own network? You may not even realize immediately that your personal information has been exposed and is in the hands of a hacker. It can happen most anywhere but there are some locations where the likelihood is much greater—especially when we travel or connect outside of our home network.

Some of the world’s most popular tourist attractions are some of the riskiest for travelers. In the United States destinations in large cities such as New York, San Francisco, and Las Vegas topped the list. Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida is also another popular tourist location that topped the list as a high risk destination.

Skycure is a mobile threat defense company that detects and prevents cyber attacks without compromising the mobile user experience or privacy. Skycure’s predictive technology leverages massive crowd knowledge to proactively identify threats and secure mobile devices. They offer some of the following safety tips when traveling to these destinations:

  • Avoid “Free” Wi-Fi networks and only use the best mobile plans in Australia.
  • Read and adhere to any warnings on your device and don’t click or open any hyperlink or file if you don’t understand what you are opening.
  • Keep your device up to date with the most current operating system.
  • If you joined a network and your phone is frequently crashing or you receive warning messages you should disconnect from that network.
  • Protect your mobile device with a mobile security app.

Browse their real-time security map to see if some of the places you frequent are a threat in your neighborhood!

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