PorchLight’s Response to the COVID-19 Virus

To ensure the health and safety of our customers and tour partners, PorchLight will be offering alternative options in light of the COVID-19. For customers needing to find a home during the temporary self-quarantine period or needing assistance settling in (banking, SSN, drivers license, school enrollment), PorchLight will be offering the following modified tour options:

  1. Virtual Tour: Our tour partner can visit the properties the customer likes, FaceTime with them and take video sharing via WhatsAPP so they can feel confident in their decision-making.
  2. Our tour partners can still send rental options, make viewing appointments and provide the customer with an itinerary. The customer can view the properties on their own. When an address is found, we can still assist with application, lease review, etc. If this option is selected, the client is not charged a tour rate but the reduced RentLINK service fee.
  3. For settling in assistance, we can coach and guide the customer over the phone and email and make the appointments for them.
  4. Modified in-person tour or settling in appointments, having the customer follow our tour partner in his/her own car: For our tour partners and customers who are comfortable meeting, we can protect proximity of spreading germs by driving separately but still having the benefits of the tour.

We remain committed to serving our customers until their new address is secured.

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