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The #1 Thing to Look for in a Rental Finding Service

What do Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, The Beatles and Newmont Mining stock (NEM) have in common? They are all rated as top performers and their statistics can prove it.

How does this relate to rental finding? If you are paying for rental finding service, shouldn’t you make sure that it performs? When you buy Newmont Mining’s stock, you may pay $36 per share, but you have solid statistics that it gained almost 100% in 2016. An investment worth making.

So, what’s the #1 thing to look for in a rental finding company? Make sure the company performs. If you’re paying them to do a job, shouldn’t you have solid evidence that they consistently excel at it and that you’ll have a positive return on your investment?

Do they have systems & procedures in place to fully serve you and your transferees? Are they able to report on results to you on a regular basis throughout the year? Do they continue to support the transferee until a final address is determined and a lease is signed? These are all important things to consider and evaluate when working with a rental finding company.

In the NFL, it would be absurd to think that any team would make an offer to a player without knowing his performance. As you begin choosing your winning team, be sure to know their statistics and how they perform.

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