Things for You to Consider During Your Rental Finding Visit

You know you want to secure a rental home, so if you’re working with a real estate agent to do so, or thinking of hiring one, consider what else you’d like to accomplish during your visit? After finding a home, what is important to you and your family about your new community? The real estate agents or Rental Experts that partner with PorchLight are ambassadors for their community and make it a priority to acquaint and welcome you to the area. With your collaboration they can personalize your experience to include what would be most helpful to YOU as a new member of the community. Some things to consider are:

What are the public transportation options? It might be helpful to see these options to get to work within your new destination as well as options that transport you to other areas of interest such as nearby major cities, recreational or cultural amenities.

  • Recreation – Are there any dog parks in the area? Are there walking trails or biking trails, and can you walk your dog on these trails? Perhaps you or family members have an interest in art or music education, specific hobbies or recreational facilities? Do you run, play tennis, perhaps would like to join a gym, an adult basketball league or volleyball league? Ask to see what is available in the area.
  • Shopping – where are the grocery stores, convenience stores and ethnic/specialty grocers? Where are the malls and other shopping areas? You can follow this link if you’d like to go online shopping! If you have children that play particular sports, where is the best place to purchase new soccer cleats or a new lacrosse stick or even that uneekor? To learn some great information on grappling dummy, a comprehensive reviews like this Best Grappling Dummy will give everything you need to know to choose a grappling dummy.
  • Medical – Would you like to know where the medical facilities are in your new neighborhood? Ask your agent to show you the hospitals as well as the urgent care facilities that are available in the area.
  • Attractions – You may want to know where to find farmers’ markets and local attractions such as zoos and museums.

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Your agent is a great resource and should be excited to show you their home town. With input from you, they would love to make your experience the best it can be for YOU!

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