Would you be a hero if….

  • You saved your company’s relocation program thousands of dollars?
  • You enhanced service and employee satisfaction without increasing costs?
  • You provided instant, real-time reporting on your relocation outcomes?

If you answered yes to the above, you’ll want to keep reading…

Since the time that Worldwide Employee Relocation Council (WERC) tracked the number of home buyers vs. renters relocating, renters have always comprised 40% or more of that population. In the past 10 years, renters have been over 55% and all trends indicate that will continue.

In your HR and Recruitment role, you’re required to help all employees; both home owners and renters yet you probably struggle with knowing how to fully support your renters with finding their new rental. Home buyers have the continuous support of their real estate agent until they purchase a home. If your renters are equally valued in your organization, shouldn’t they experience ongoing support until they find their rental in their new city?

How can you accomplish this?

It’s amazingly easy. You want to avoid “time based solutions”. There are services that provide renters 3, 5 or 7 hours of service. Feedback tells us that service models based on time constraints can leave customers feeling:

  • Uncomfortable; not knowing how much time they’ve used
  • Uncomfortable, not knowing how much time they have left
  • Skeptical because they’re not completely clear on how the time is tracked

You want to look for services that clearly state in their service material, on their website and in all communications with customers that they support renter transferees until they have an address. With this service approach:

  • There’s nothing uncomfortable or nebulous
  • It’s professional, supportive, effective and it feels good to the customer (both employer and employee)

With the right solution and service model:

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