Keep It Real

Keeping It Real.

Someone recently commented that we were “the real McCoy.”
It started us thinking – what’s that mean – really?
Merriam-Webster defines the phrase as, “: something or someone that is real or genuine: something or someone that is not a copy or imitation.

The Urban Dictionary connects the phrase to many interesting origins:

1. Oilers on early trains in Scotland had to be oiled to stop friction on the drive wheels. Oilers always failed… except the 1870s McCoy brand which became known as the best and “the real McCoy.”

2. William S. (Bill) McCoy was an 1870s bootlegger known for selling top-quality liquor that was not watered down, i.e. the “real McCoy.”

3. And in the legend of the bitter 1880s feud between the Hatfields and McCoys, a bloodline offspring of the McCoys was the real McCoy. A child born from parents consisting of one Hatfield and one McCoy was not a real McCoy.

The list continues of connections that started this phrase but they all seem to define it as — anything that is not genuine is not the real McCoy. At PorchLight, we deliver 100-percent ongoing, rental-home-finding support with a 95-percent customer satisfaction rate. That’s a real differentiator compared to other copycat services. And it means, we do not stop until an address is found. For all your corporate rental assistance or settling-in services, trust the originators of the ideas at PorchLight to help you shine.

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