Three Tips on Improving Your Transferee’s Relocation Experience

When relocating, it can be easy for your transferee to get caught up in all of the negative “have-to’s” and forget about the positives. They may have to sell their home and on top of that the search for one can be daunting. They will also have to get acclimated to a new office with new people. If they own a pet or two, they will have to find a pet friendly rental if they are not purchasing a new home.

Below are a few key things to keep in mind when talking to your transferee.

Hire a rental finding company. Renting is on the rise. For those relocating, this method of living makes the most sense, especially for short term assignments. To save your transferee stress and time, consider hiring a rental finding company. They will be able to take care of your transferee’s needs and transition them smoothly into their new location. Having a company assisting with their rental process can also reduce the amount of days your transferee is in temporary housing. This allows them to settle in sooner and feel more at home.

Provide them with enough resources. Give them enough resources to where they know they have what they need to make decisions and call for help. However, keep in mind that they don’t want to carry around a bunch of papers or hear from ten different people. You want them to feel as stress-free as possible. If they have a lot of pets, have a moving with pets checklist you can find here ready to send to them in an email form and they can view the information at their convenience.

Build positivity. When possible, talk up the relocation and move. This can be an exciting time for them and their company. They will be exposed to new experiences and people while helping the business they are relocating with, grow. All of the stress that may come during the transition will be worth it.

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