Wasn’t it great seeing and hearing from Larry Gersch again? Here at PorchLight, we sure enjoyed all your comments and know you too miss working with him, his smiling face, and unrelenting professionalism. Seems as if retirement suits him and he’s loving his hard-earned free time. If you missed Larry, no worries CLICK HERE. If you want to hear more from those who helped us reach our 20-year milestone, here’s another professional who kindly chimed in to wish us well on our past – and the next decades to come.

Diane Ayres
President, PorchLight Rental & Destination Services

Some shared insights.

Happily retired executive Gene Isaacs from Lexicon Relocation Services shared some insights into the time spent as a valued member of our client- base. We were fortunate enough to collaborate with him for about half of our time in business and are still staying in touch to this day:
“Over approximately the last 10 years of my relocation career and more recently in retirement, I have watched Diane and Janet build PorchLight into a successful customer- centric business. True entrepreneurs have the ability to identify ‘under-served’ but not necessarily ‘undeserved’ markets and seize the opportunity to develop a business model that rewards clients, employees including themselves, and their families. To be able to have a business that is inclusive of all these aspects is what Diane and Janet have accomplished. PorchLight identified the segment of the relocation policy that was indeed under-served and developed a business model laden with effective service delivery, integrity, and a rewarding work environment for its employees while never letting the ‘brass ring’ get far out of sight. My hearty congratulations to them and their team for 20 years of patience, foresight, service, growth, and success and for many years yet to come.”

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

So, this entire year we are looking back at our two decades of service in all kinds of ways. But did you know these decades included five leap years so that means we can add five more days to our 20-Year-Anniversary? And hopefully with a little luck and a lot of hard work – 20 more. Link to our 20-YEAR BLOG ANNOUNCEMENT


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